Your spare change can change the world

Effortless giving
for a cashless society


In for a penny is a new app that automates your giving so you can help local charities spend less on fundraising and more on making a real difference to your community

How does it work?

You automatically pay a few extra pennies every time you make a purchase with your bank card, and we send the money to a local charity of your choice


Connect your bank card with the In for a penny app

Pay for your purchases with your bank card as normal


We'll charge a few extra pennies every time you use your card, and give it to your selected charity



Your spare change can change your world. Are you in?


Did you know that...

Many of us regularly leave the house without any cash

Even if we want to give, we're giving less because we don't have any change on us

Most people barely notice traditional charity collecting boxes

Charities are struggling because fundraising is becoming harder and more expensive

Join us on our mission to change our local communities one penny at a time

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